United for Clean Power was born from a desire to create a strong, unified voice for renewable energy and climate change policy within the United States. UCP believes that a strong energy future must include renewable forms of energy. UCP believes that climate change is a reality that must be addressed through public awareness and bipartisan political will. The organization’s goal is to create consensus across the political spectrum that supports climate change and renewable energy policies that work to create economic opportunity while building a more resilient and adaptive America.
Our goal is to build support for renewable energy generation and climate resilience and adaptation action by utilizing micro-targeted messaging to deliver messages that speak to voter concerns.

We focus on initiatives that support job creation through U.S. manufacturing of clean technology as well as tax policy and regulations for the renewable industry sector at state, local, and federal levels.

We aim to play a catalytic role with our efforts, providing voter education and direct lobbying on critical legislation affecting the renewable energy industry. We work closely with industry non-profits and trade associations to ensure maximum coverage and coordination.

Our efforts are non-partisan and designed to engender collaboration within the renewable energy space.
•  Online Advocacy
•  Media Buying
•  Mobile Media Campaigns
•  Direct Lobbying
United for Clean Power believes advancement can be achieved through direct political engagement with elected officials and regulators at the state, local, and federal levels. We collaborate with other non-profits, trade organizations, and industries to advocate for policies and initiatives that will make a meaningful impact for the renewable energy sector.
Thank you for your interest in United for Clean Power. For more information, please feel free to contact us via email at info@unitedforcleanpower.org

Mailing Address:
United for Clean Power
P.O. Box 21904
Washington, D.C. 20090